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Scroll down and read the answers to some FAQs about automatic gates, and solutions to common problems involving these mechanisms, and their auxiliary systems.

How often should I lubricate the gate?

The frequency of the lubrication maintenance you should perform actually depends on the weather conditions, the regularity of daily use and the quality of the materials. As an overall, Gate Repair Queens suggests you perform this type of maintenance at least twice every year. For frequently used gates in high moisture areas, you might need to perform this more often. The task shouldn't take more than a couple of minutes and will go a great deal towards making your system last longer.

My gate stops before reaching the end. How come?

Check the area around and in front of the gate to make sure there isn't something in the way. Also take a look at the track (if it's a sliding system) to see if there's a blockage inside. Check the sensors too. They might get disoriented from direct sunlight and get a false positive. That means they may mistakenly detect something in the gate's way, even though there isn't actually something there.

What maintenance is required?

Most modern automatic gates do not require any specific maintenance. The gate tracks must be kept clean from debris while the entry of bugs into the control box must be prevented. Some metal parts may require lubrication. Whenever DIY troubleshooting does not work, you can turn to gate repair company Queens for help.

What's the purpose of gate track end-stops?

End-stops serve a very important purpose. They're in charge of stopping the sliding driveway gate at the proper point and to prevent it from getting off its track. If it does get off track, it can cause property damage and may even hurt somebody. Our experts recommend incorporating these features into your regular maintenance routine. It's important to check to make sure that the gate actually does stop when it's supposed to, to avoid all sorts of accidents.

Is it possible to use more than one remote for one gate?

Yes, absolutely. You can definitely use more than one remote control for your driveway gate. Each remote will simply need to be programmed to work with the system's automatic opener. You can also get a multicode remote that will allow you to control different gates with one single unit, which is very useful if you have a few different properties.


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