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Here is some free advice on how to get the best mileage out of your driveway gate, courtesy of our experienced technicians. These simple tips will benefit any gate owner; scroll down to read them.

Roll up gates are great for small spaces

If you have a small property with limited space, this type of system can be a perfect solution. A roll up gate provides security without taking any space, really, as it simply folds upwards when it opens like some types of garage doors. It makes for an excellent storefront gate as it can be made of strong steel that will help prevent burglaries and enhance your nighttime security.

Inspect your gate for rust often

Unless you have a stainless steel gate, or a wooden one, you need to spend a little time every year to apply some rust prevention maintenance. Inspect all of the system's metal hardware parts for those orange-brown specks and blooms. Remember that even galvanized materials will also rust if their protective coating gets damaged, so make sure to get dents and scratched repaired or painted over as quickly as possible.

Keep your children safe around your swinging driveway gate

It is very important to teach children that this type of system isn't a toy. It can be dangerous when it opens and closes and they need to understand that they must stay clear of the moving leaves at all times because they can get seriously hurt if those hit them. We recommend installing a warning light on the gate to alert you and any visiting guests when the system is in motion.

The pros of installing an aluminum gate

Systems of this type come in a variety of different colors and designs. They are lightweight, which means they can be easily installed in almost any place and they are lighter to operate, requiring less energy, and therefore a less powerful opener (less powerful = less expensive). Aluminum gates have an advantage over iron or wooden ones as they can withstand difficult weather conditions without rusting or rotting. However, they're nowhere nearly as durable, and will dent much more easily.

Learn how to keep your wrought iron gate rust free

Seeing as this system is located outside, it can be subjected to all sorts of weather conditions. Rust is inevitable if you don't treat your wrought iron gate properly. Inspect the frame and the bars from time to time and use sandpaper to rub away any rust you find and then wipe the area clean. You then need to apply a primer (suitable for wrought iron) and then add a protective layer of paint to keep the metal safe from oxidation. If you need any further advice or assistance our professionals are always happy to help.


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